Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finally set my foot in Bangkok!

So many people around me have been to Bangkok at least TWICE in their life (not exaggerating).

Bangkok feels like a second home to many of my friends and they have ALL been bragging about the amount of shopping they did there, and how they miss that place and have been wanting to go back again even though they just came back less than a month ago....


I look grumpy here. Not a very good picture to match up with the mood of my words up there hahaha.

Anyway, yes, I was ELATED that I'm finally visiting this awesome place many people have been telling me about.

During this trip, I actually found something about myself that I never knew.
Read on to find out LOL.

First day, we woke up at 4am for the flight and got everything ready and went out of our hotel to shop at around 11am-12pm!

Walked a distance to the Pratunam area for shopping 'cause that's apparently where all the cheap shopping are.

First shopping area we visited is Platinum mall!!! :D
I didn't take any pictures there and I was actually pretty disappointed. :(

So many people told me about the cheap shopping there but I wasn't very impressed.

First of all, it's probably because I just came back from Korea and bought lots of good quality apparels at just 5000won (SGD$6+-)...
Secondly, the quality and looks of the apparels aren't as good as what I've imagined and wasn't as cheap as I thought they would be.

But good thing is the people there (actually in Bangkok in general) are really really really polite and friendly!
And as compared to Dongdaemun (or Bugis), Platinum Mall is very neat, clean and spacious!

I was probably way too tired to dig for cheaper clothing anyway.

After that, we headed to Central World!

The weather was sooooo hot to a whole new level that made me even more lethargic (on top of having lack of sleep).

The next day, we headed for this half day tour being half dead 'cause the half day tour was REALLY EARLY as well.

I had so much coconut drink and tom yum soup AHAHAHAHA.

After the half day tour, we headed to this Lady's Street and got some blouses at just $3?!?! :D :D :D :D But I was way too sleepy to walk around more.
We went back to our hotel earlier that day and slept for 12 hours straight. LOL.

And we headed to Chatuchak Market the very next day!!!! :D :D :D

Although the weather was as hot as usual, I felt better after my 12 hours of rest HAHAHA so it was all good on the third day.

Didn't buy anything from Chatuchak Market apart from food and some tiny goods.


I'm sure she wants my ice cream. #No

We visited some other markets and had lunch before taking a long ride to the Floating Market which I LOVEEE! :D

So here's what I found out about myself.

I realized I actually prefer sight-seeing and blending into the culture than to shop around in crowded places looking for cheap goods. :O
Might take my words back (LOL) 'cause I might be way too tired to shop around (plus the weather was too horrifying for someone like me who prefers colder places).

This place was beautiful, we had a short trip on the boat.

And even had meals by the river~

Huge prawns, crayfish and pork satay!

Later at night, we went to Asiatique!

More on my vlog~ #TakeMeToThailand

I will go back to Thailand again, with more rest so I will be less exhausted. xD
It's not that I'm not having fun but if you haven't been there, please bring a portable fan along and have more sleep LOL.

Thanks for reading~~~ :D xx

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Advertorial - ARTBOX VIP Event


Today, I will be talking about this shop that I adore since I was in Secondary School!
It was like a dreamland to my fellow classmates and I back in those school days. Every time we hang out in shopping malls, we will definitely make a visit there!

Can you guess the place I'm talking about??

It's ARTBOX!!!

ARTBOX is based in Korea with more than 100 domestic and 19 international outlets!

They are known for their quality stationery and fancy products!
Back then when I was in Secondary School, people in school will always boast about their precious item that they got from ARTBOX!
All the cool kids have something from ARTBOX!!!

And because of that, ARTBOX became the best place for us to shop for gifts since they house so many quality stationery with the cutest and fanciest designs, and also many lifestyle products such as tumblers, cups, sleep masks, pouches, cushions and many more!

Some of their notebooks with the prettiest designs I've ever seen~

And their Korean-ish backpacks perfect for school~


On the 5th of June, I was invited down to ARTBOX at Jurong Point for their annual VIP night!
It was a special VIP event for their members to reward and thank them for their continuous support, and also to showcase the newly renovated ARTBOX at Jurong Point.
There were many special privileges given to the members that special night!

Theme of the event that night was Moustache so I dressed up in a preppy look + my moustache socks as the point of the look. xD

There were many moustache designs around the shop to fit the theme, super adorable!

The special privileges for the members at the VIP Event included

- 25% Storewide Sale
- Staggered Free Gifts
- Website Voucher
- Goodie Bags (For first 300 to RSVP)
- Extra 5% discount if you like their FB Page
- Photo Momento
- Refreshments such as popcorns and drinks were given out!

I received the goodie bag too!

It was filled with samples and vouchers from party supplies, spa, Nandos, escape room and more but my favourite is the Free Voucher for ARTBOX's Online Store. :D

How convenient now that ARTBOX has an online store (!
ARTBOX will also be implementing a new self-collection feature, it is their way of improving themselves, making shopping more seamless and fuss free for their customers!

The queue before the VIP event started!

It's amazing how ARTBOX prepared so many special treats for their members, even I'm tempted to join their membership right now. xD

You can join their membership as long as you spend $50 or more in a single receipt at any ARTBOX outlet in Singapore!

ARTBOX members are termed SUPERPANDAS (omg so cute hahaha).


Exclusive benefits for members includes -

- Points accumulation: $1 = 1pt Redemption: 50pts = $3(Cash Rebate)
- Birthday month = 3x points + Receive FREE Birthday Gift upon any purchase
- Points Redemption can be done at any outlets.
- Cardless system for greater convenience
- Enjoy "Members Only" exclusive offers (special prices and promotion throughout the year)
- Exclusive invitation to VIP Night
- Lifetime Membership (!!!)

I've gotten quite a number of items from ARTBOX that night~
I was told that I spent an hour plus shopping around LOL. #Guilty But hey!!! I was really really spoilt for choices, I wanted everything. T _ T

I've gotten some pretty notebooks to scribble down my ideas/schedule/plans, and some convenient sticky memos for quick notes!

They are really adorable sticky memos! Super attention-grabbing so I will never forget doing my things again!

I got myself the cutest bear sleep mask so I can sleep well on the plane or for days I can't sleep well~~~

I'm currently sitting comfortably on my new seat cushion which was TOO CUTE not to get. xD

A picture with all the nice staff at ARTBOX~ :)

Thank you for having me at the awesome VIP event~ ^_^

There are 6 Artbox outlets in Singapore!

Ang Mo Kio Hub
Tel: 6612 7184
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11A.M. - 10P.M.
Fri - Sun: 10A.M. - 10P.M.

Causeway Point
Tel: 6996 4235
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11A.M - 10P.M.
Fri- Sun: 10A.M. - 10P.M.

Ion Orchard
Tel: 6509 8387
Opening Hours:
10A.M. - 10P.M. daily

Junction 8
Tel: 6612 7139
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11A.M. - 9.30P.M.
Fri - Sun: 11A.M. - 10P.M.

Jurong Point
Tel: 6612 7214
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11A.M. - 10P.M.
Fri - Sun: 10A.M. - 10P.M.

Tampines Mall
Tel: 6612 7194
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11A.M. - 10P.M.
Fri - Sun: 10A.M. - 10P.M.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

A different kind of date.

Hello my beautiful friends! :)

About a week back, I went out with my family.
Instead of a usual 'family date at the mall', we went to Pasir Ris Farmway to look at puppies/dogs put up for adoption.

We didn't visit the place thinking of adopting a dog since my dad has been disapproving of the idea of having a dog at home, and that we are not confident of taking good care of one just yet (since it requires a lot of time, effort and money).

It's so heartbreaking to see these adorable dogs, used to live under the care of humans, left unattended, ended up being abandoned to live in such conditions.

If you're looking to get a dog, why not consider adopting one?
They all need love the same way as the dogs in a pet shop. :(

Spotted this Shiba Inu that I was dying to bring home. ;(

We asked if it's HDB-approved but it's not so we can't bring it home.

This place is up every weekend called Mutts and Mittens, if you're planning for a day out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it's a nice place for a different kind of date.

We went to IKEA afterwards 'cause it's just nearby. LOVE the food there!!!!
Damn, those hotdogs. (That's what she said)

That's all for this post~

Thanks for reading~ xx

Thursday, June 4, 2015

CLEO Hair & Make - Caramel Beige

CLEO Hair & Make 
Stylist - Takuya
Level 4