Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!


Happy Chinese New Year to all of you celebrating this festive season~~ :)

I'm back to blogging - although I can't promise to post more often because I'm very lazy HAHA

I told myself to update more but I'm really just way too lazy to start doing anything I told myself to do.

Anyway, my internship ended!!!!

I AM SO HAPPY I want to pop some champagne but I'm way too lazy to pop one right now. I'm postponing everything I wanted to do just to laze around HAHAHA. Should've planned a 'lazing around' period beforehand, at least I won't feel this useless.

I wanted to blog about my internship experience as well but I JUST FINISHED A 2000 WORD REPORT regarding my internship so...........

Okay here goes my brief CNY post with some pictures I took when I was in Malaysia.

If it's your first time reading my CNY post, I will always head to JB for CNY 'cause my relatives are mostly residing there. :)

Mandatory self shot to kick start this new year lol.

Selca with my family to prove that MY ARMS ARE LONG ENOUGH.


Grandma's dog looking very pleased (or not).

I didn't have the time to go shopping for clothes this CNY so I had to dig my wardrobe for 'new' clothes I haven't get to wear HAHAHA

JQ bought me this red bag with my BIG NAME on! Haven't got to take this out so I got to flaunt it during CNY~ Gomawo unnie! :)

My dress from ShopSassyDream. I'm so lucky they sponsored me a few apparel!!! T _ T Thank you thank you.

Shoes from Nike HAHA it's NEWWWWWW.

Somewhere near the temple we go to every year~ ^_^

Really pretty for photos 'cause they all look very vintage haha.

Lunch that day was at Manhattan and omg it was meh.

NEXT DAY we went to visit my other grandma and headed to JPO for shopping.

Outfit of the day also from ShopSassyDream. :D

We headed to AEON for dinner. Craving for Japanese food so YAY we had Japanese food keke.

Been a while since I ate my Salmon Mentaiyaki OMG it's sooooo affordable there. Usually I get it for $16 in Singapore but IT WAS ONLY $5 THERE I THINK.


Didn't take any photos on the third day 'cause we were rushing around but I went to KSL for shopping. ^_^ It's my first time there and it was super crowded but it seems like a really nice place for shopping!

How was your CNY? :)

Thanks for reading loves!

I'll be back.


Saturday, February 21, 2015


Omggggg if you haven't watch this please do!!! :D





Huat ah!

Monday, February 16, 2015

NIVEA - Extra white and firm Q10 deodorant

There are a lot of things we do everyday which will show our underarms.

Holding the handles on the bus/train.
Reaching for something on one of the top shelves.
Stretching when you're tired.
Doing your hair.
...And plenty more which you will definitely relate!!!

Our underarms are one of the most important body parts we have to look out for in case of any embarrassing situations!
We perspire most around our underarms so we need a good handy deodorant to get rid of that problem in case of perspiration stains or bad smell...

However, on top of that, I think the APPEARANCE of your underarm is EXTREMELY important as well so we will not feel embarrassed while wearing sleeveless tops!

NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 tackles most of our issues!

Top two issues that I'm most concern of is 

T _ T 

Not sure if it's just me but dark underarms do make someone look a lot less hygienic.. :(
And worst of all, darkening and sagging of underarm is VERY COMMON because they can be caused by shaving or plucking of underarm hair (which is something we do very very very often and is unavoidable)!

HOWEVER, now with NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 deodorant - they help us to GET RID and prevent dark and sagging underarms while reducing perspiration!
It's like ALL IN ONE tiny bottle.

Anti wrinkles + Whitening! ^_^

For the first time, this deodorant included a firming ingredient present in skincare called co-enzyme Q10 to help firm up sagging skin!!!! :OOOO
There is also Licorice extract present in this deodorant to help whiten our skin. :)

Of course, this deodorant has an ALL-DAY protection against perspiration to protect us from odour and wet stains~!
On top of that, it has 48 hours protection from sagging/darkening of underarms! 
*Throws confetti confidently*

NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 deodorant is available at Watsons, Guardian, supermarkets, hypermarkets and major retail stores retailing at just $4.90 for 50ml!!!!!!! 

Super affordable as a daily necessity!  

For me, I will place my deodorant in the shower so I will be reminded to use it right after drying myself! ^_^

I think it's so important to take care of our underarms because that's where most of us neglect! 
On top of neglecting it, we do lots and lots of harsh things on our underarms like plucking, waxing and shaving!!! 
All these cause our underarms a lot of harm and will not look good appearance-wise. :( 

I want to be able to wear sleeveless tops and not feel embarrassed flaunting them!!!!

I have been using NIVEA's deodorant all these while and they have definitely been working really well! It's an essential to me because... well, no one wants to smell bad. xD HAHA.

Deodorant is one of the biggest category under NIVEA which means they definitely look a lot into this, no doubt! They are also the one who started the 'no-stain' deodorant which were a BIG HIT, as well as deodorant which helps to whiten darkening underarms!

And no doubt they really work well on me so I haven't changed to other brands personally~

Good thing is NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 deodorant has BOTH the benefits of WHITENING AND FIRMING which is AMAZING. :O


Thank you NIVEA, you're a saviour as always. xD 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who told you I was nice?

Feeling rather depressed due to all the shit load of crap going around lately (as always) and I'm not one who can handle stress very well so all these emotional things are devouring my brain slowly I feel like I'm no longer me.

As I was showering, I gave all the people who dislike me a brief thought - brief but turns out extensive but anyway, yes I gave it a thought.

After reflecting 'briefly', I've concluded.

My haters are right.

I'm a horrible person.
I did everything wrong, I'm arrogant, I'm a complete diva, I'm a loser and I'm a total whore.

But then again,


The thing about this whole "I hate you" issue is that - it's all up to what YOU think.

What I've always been thinking is that...
What you think is right basically depends on what you like.
What you think is wrong basically depends on what you dislike.
Vice versa.

What is right and what is wrong? 

I don't think there's any right or wrong - If you think it's right, it's right. If you think it's not, it's not.

I've always been doing things that I think is right.
Even when I do things that I think is wrong, I will always end up thinking that I'M RIGHT.
I don't think this only applies to me - It applies to everyone.

Let's say I did something I think is wrong. I will apologise, I will try to find ways to cover up the wrong things I've done or I'll try to make sure I compensate for what I thought I've done wrong...which in the end, I think I did the right thing in order to compensate for the wrongdoings so in conclusion, I AM STILL RIGHT.

Even if I know it's wrong to the majority, I will still think I am right because I like it.
It doesn't matter if YOU THINK I'm wrong because I THINK I'm right.

It's what you prefer, it's your choice.
You can choose to perceive something as wrong and end up disliking it, on the other hand, I can choose to perceive that as right and like it for all I want.

For example, there is a slice of pizza you bought from the store. You left it on the table.
I saw it. I picked it up and ate it.
I think I'm right because nobody said it belongs to anyone so I ate it thinking it might rot if it's left there for long.
You think it's wrong because you bought that pizza so no one else should've touched it.

All in all, you may think that I'm a horrible person, which I don't disagree -

....TO YOU

I think I'm a SAINT because I've been doing all the right things I think is right. And I like it.
You may think I'm wrong but I think I'm right. And I like it.

Either way, even if it turns out to be 'politically' (to the majority) wrong, I'M DOING IT BECAUSE I THINK I AM RIGHT. 

And why do I think I'm right?
Because I like it.
And why do I like it?
Because I'm being nice to myself for doing something that I want (even when everyone else is against it).
And why do I think it's considered nice to myself?
Because I like it.
And why do I like it?
Because I think it's right.

Get it?


Who told you I was nice? 

I'm a horrible person. 

I'm happier being 'arrogant' because I'm confident enough for others to perceive it as arrogance.
I'm happier being 'a complete diva' because I want only the best for myself.
I'm happier being 'a loser' because I embrace my weakness and my imperfections.
I'm happier being 'a total whore' because I'm chasing for love others will never dare to.

You may think I'm not good enough but I've tried my best and I like being me - a human with imperfections - with things that others may dislike but I'VE CHOSEN TO LOVE AND EMBRACE.

Give me a break.

Yes, I'm a horrible person, but I'm happy being horrible - deal with it and just shut up. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

CNY and VDAY with *SCAPE!

I think it's no surprise that *SCAPE is one of my favourite hang out place 'cause that's where most of the youths gather around.

I will always bump into someone I know there - I think that shows a lot HAHA, like how much people around my age like to hang out around here! 

Anyway, I got Ben to accompany me to *SCAPE to shop for CNY clothes since there are a whole bunch of affordable yet gorgeous choices there. 

My first place in mind was *SCAPE Underground so I decided to head there! Before that, I walked pass quite a number of shops on the second level of *SCAPE! 
I'm surprised there are quite a lot of interesting finds there. :O 

Ben found a top he likes here at a shop called Timberack! :) 

There is also a shop at *SCAPE Level Two which I love to shop at! It's called The OOTD and I bet a lot of you know about that shop 'cause it's pretty near the main entrance at Level Two!
THEY HAVE SUPER AFFORDABLE CLOTHES so if you're tight-handed, just make a visit there! 
I bought a simple black skirt from there for my outfit in this post which you will see later on~

I went down to *SCAPE underground after that~

Found a shop I like at the corner of *SCAPE underground! 
They have so many pretty pieces I love~

I got a top from here!!!

The outfit Ben and I got from *SCAPE~

On me:
Simple black skirt from The OOTD 
Top from From The Spectrum 

Ben got his Top from Timberack!

Ben and I bought these adorable phone cases as well~~

Some of the interesting promotion *SCAPE is coming up now~

The Top prize for Scratch and Win contest is a staycation at Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill!!!!

If you're shopping at *SCAPE, do take advantage of the special promo at some of their retail stores during CNY & VDAY period! 

You can redeem these *SCAPE Mandarin Orange Carrier after spending a minimum of $18! 
They have cute stickers provided in this package as well which you can design your own carrier and bring it for house-visiting! ^_^

*SCAPE is holding a CONTEST AS WELL!!!!! :D :D :D 

In conjunction with CNY and VDAY, *SCAPE is organising an #OOTD contest where you can win $168 *SCAPE CASH VOUCHER OMG. I LOVE CASH VOUCHERS.

You just got to 
1) Snap an #OOTD with your loved one(s) at *SCAPE 
2) Upload your photo on Instagram

Contest ends on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb 2015! 

You don't have to take the #OOTD with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can just take with your family, friends, or anybody you LOVE ♥

Like Ben and I. 
OOTD ideas for all of you hahahaha. 

This contest is a win-win yknow! You get to find an excuse to shop around at *SCAPE for your CNY clothes since you're already there, get to hang out with your loved ones, snap a nice OOTD photo for your Instagram, and STILL get a chance to win $168 *SCAPE CASH VOUCHERS.

Good deal. *_* I'm sold.

More OOTD ideas~ 

Follow SCAPESG on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for more deals & giveaway!

Log on to


Huat ah! ♥

Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's in my iPhone?


What's in my iPhone, as requested by many many of you.

Thanks for sticking by, during my extremely busy period of 6 months.

My internship is ending soon, which means I will be coming back with more.

Coming back as an improved version of me. 

Thank you!