Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Lion Heart







Here's me with Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Fear and Anger!!!
The friends inside of me. :D

Thank you Disney for the plushies and tickets to the premiere of Inside Out~ I enjoyed it very very much!
I brought my mom to the show and she laughed at me 'cause I cried watching a cartoon. #NeverTooOldForDisney

You can see Sadness's head at the side hehe.

Anyway, it's in the middle of the night now and I decided to do some quick update here and share with you some things so we can still keep our bond there and be BEST BUDDIES EVERRRRR.

Sometimes, I stare at the wall and think so much that I start to get afraid, upset or worried of things that are either long gone, or will never resurface again.
My thoughts can run very wildly and sometimes even make me recall sad (and dumb) things that have happened in the past, when I was really young.

A very mild example of what I recall a while ago.
It didn't really make me feel afraid, upset or worried HAHA but I was quite amused that I actually STILL remember and will sometimes recall this incident after this long. 

Back when I was in Primary One (or two), I picked up this capsule ball thing in my classroom's shelf, I think someone just left it there and didn't want it anymore.

I opened it and there was this cute tiny lion figurine. From then on, it became my buddy in school, I will always play with it, look at it and smile at it. (I tend to get VERY emotionally attached to such things, like toys, plushies...just so you know I have my bff now called BOBO LOL probably 'cause I don't have many friends since young).

Anyway, one day, my teacher was scolding some kid in class so I just minded my own business and played around with my lion and ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS DUMB ASS CLASS MONITOR gestured me to hand over the lion.
Naive me handed it over to her thinking that she wanted to take a look and play with my lion so I decided to share it with her AND GUESS WHAT.



So from then on, my lion got confiscated and I cried so much the whole day I can't even imagine how much tears I've lost (probably the reason why my eyes are small now so fk you class monitor I still remember who you are) LOL.

Just a funny (not so funny) and sad memory which I've kept till now and will always recall now and then.
How traumatic although it seems like something very mild, can you imagine someone burn your chouchou right now? 

So teachers, please, NEVER, confiscate a little kid's treasure.
By treasure, it can be the dumbest thing you ever know. Like a pencil. Or a book. Or a tiny little lion toy.

Ok bye I'm done. :D

Here's a picture of Peishi who is living fine without her little lion (but still fk you class monitor and teacher, bet you didn't know I'll remember everything TILL TODAY, 13 years later.)



Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sponsored Post - Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints

One of the most important things I need to have in my bag is definitely...


When you're in an awkward situation,  MINTS are ALWAYS to the rescue!
It acts as an Ice-Breaker, Breath Freshener.... which is exactly why I need one around me.

Recently, I've tried Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints in their TWO NEW FLAVOURS!

Strawberry Mint and Intense Mint!

For both extremes - If you like something fruity, or something extremely cooling!

Mentos is a brand that all of us are very familiar to.
Mentos is always at the top of mind for me when it comes to mints or candies!!!

Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints are firstly launched in Singapore on March 2014 with two mint variants, Peppermint and Spearmint!

Mentos Pure Fresh contains natural active ingredients like Green Tea Extract which helps to actively purify breath!

Yay to fresh breath after a pop of mint! :D

I'm loving the Strawberry Mint 'cause I'm not one who can stand strong mint~  ^_^
It's perfect for me, and freshens my breath at the same time.

Intense Mint - For one who can stand the extreme coolness - My mom loves this!

Mentos has a lucky draw going on!!!

Stand to win a Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ with every $5 of Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints purchased!
Promotion period - 1st August to 15th September~

Each tin (35g with 50 mints) is retailing at $3.30 each, available at all major retailers island-wide!

Going out now, not forgetting my MENTOS PURE FRESH MINTS~~~ ^_^

Thanks for reading~


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sponsored Post - KFC Battle Of The Wings


About a week back, I went for the food tasting of KFC's two new KFC Wings, both cooked to crispy perfection and coated in your choice of two bold flavours ...

Umadare OR Yang Yeum flavour!

Tangy yet savoury... Japanese inspired, Umadare!

Looking for something savoury and flavourful? *_* Umadare is the choice!

Sweet and spicy... Korean inspired, Yang Yeum!

Huge fan of spicy food? THIS. IS. IT.

Both flavour of wings are REALLY YUMMY, bursting with flavours in every bite!
On top of that, the wings are really crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. *_*
I'm drooling while writing this post.

Qiuqiu and I, savouring every part of the wings HAHAHA.

Exciting battle of two super yummy KFC wings...


To be very very honest, I am IN LOVE with BOTH flavours!
I was asked to choose between the two and had a hard time 'cause they are both really good! They satisfy my taste buds in different ways (or maybe I'm just a glutton and want ALL hahaha)!

My choice in the end was...


The reason why I chose Yang Yeum was because I LOVE spicy food!
The tingly sensation after having Yang Yeum flavoured wings... SO SATISFYING.

Both flavours of KFC wings are perfect when paired with the new 7UP Lemon Mint drink, exclusively available at KFC!

A la Carte 4 pcs Wings (Umadare OR Yang Yeum) is sold at ONLY $4.90 ~

They are also available in the Wings Rice Bento Set!!!

At just $6.90, you get to enjoy 4pcs wings, fragrant chicken rice, a side salad and a regular 7UP Lemon Mint ~

They are available at all KFC stores except KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.


What's your choice?
Yang Yeum?

Post a picture or video of your choice on Instagram, and hashtag #kfcoishii (For Japanese Inspired, Umadare) OR #kfcmashisoyo (For Korean Inspired, Yang Yeum)!!!


Run down to your nearest KFC, try Umadare and Yang Yeum KFC wings, AND PICK YOUR SIDE NOW!!! :D

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sponsored post - NIVEA Body Serum

Do you not feel confident in your own skin due to your skin conditions?

Do you feel limited when it comes to outfit choices because you want to hide your sagging or uneven skin tone?

I feel that your skin shouldn't be a limitation to what you're wearing!!!

Fashion trends can come and go but owning beautiful skin is something that will never go out of style!
In fact, your skin should be your ultimate fashion statement that allows you to show off your outfit!
Time to pamper your skin so you can let them shine in ANY fashion pieces you want to fit!

As always, my trusted skincare brand, NIVEA, with three new and improved products to tackle your skin issues!

NIVEA has upgraded its popular whitening body moisturisers to boast brightening and firming properties so that all of us can achieve flawless skin!
It comes with both body lotions and serums!

Personally, I prefer serums as they are known to have better product efficacy as compared to body lotions, that means more effective with higher concentration of active ingredients to give you the skin you desire~

The new NIVEA Whitening & Firming body range adds NIVEA’s Q10 firming technology into the formulation. Q10, is a powerful skin-owned coenzyme that ensures energy supply for skin cell, helps in anti-wrinkling, anti-oxidation and boosting cell energy to give firmer skin. 
Combine this with Vitamin C of 95% purity, it promises to give firmer and fairer skin in just 14 days!
Do remember to use them regularly!

There are 3 different serums designed to meet different needs!

First of all, their star product, NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum (180ml)! :D

Firming + Whitening in ONE product?? YES PLEASE!!! 

I've tried it and I'm quite surprised that the texture is not sticky at all!
Most serums I've tried on my face are really thick and sticky due to the higher concentration so I was expecting that as well and was really hesitating to put them on my body.

Surprisingly, the product is really light-weight and absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving a sticky after-feel.
It also contains SPF33 and protection against UVA1, UVA2 and UVB!
That's a plus point for me!!!

Other body serums NIVEA have include...

NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Serum (180ml) for day time!
It gives instant radiance and with micro light reflectors (titanium dioxide particles)!
This also includes SPF33 sun protection to prevent any further sun damage.

And lastly, NIVEA Night White Firming Body Serum (200ml) for night time rejuvenation!
As most of us probably already know, skin does reparative work most effectively when we're asleep at night!
With this product, our skin will be kept hydrated while helping us to achieve brighter and firmer skin  when we're sleeping. :D

As they are new and improved, their packaging has improved quite a fair bit as well!

You can apply this product on areas you're concerned of.

As I really like to wear shorts (since Singapore is sooooo humid!!!), I focus more on my legs and will want them to be firmer and fairer!!!

You can use them on your waist or arms as well!!! :)

Your skin is the ultimate fashion statement. 
Possessing beautiful skin gives you that additional confidence booster in everything you wear. 

Lastly, NIVEA is hosting a #ultimatefashionstatement on 22nd Aug, 2-5pm, Capitol Piazza B1-36!

Celebrity makeup artist, Clarence Lee & fashion stylist, Keith Png are invited by NIVEA to educate us girls to make our skin the #ultimatefashionstatement. 

Stuff that we can learn are how to get healthy, fair and firm skin, the colors that flatters your skin tone as well as the cut of outfits that suits your body most.

To share the love, I’m giving away 5 pairs of tickets! 
To join, post your own blue OOTD & hashtag #ultimatefashionstatement and #NIVEAsg! 
Contest ends 18 Aug

GOOD LUCK, hope to see you at the event!
Good luck, ladies & stay gorgeous!

For more information on NIVEA's products, check out:

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bad meaning good, you know?


Recently, I haven't been experimenting with many different makeup style 'cause I've been really comfortable doing my usual light makeup since it fits the daily look more.

Decided to try out another makeup look yesterday, point is to try something I don't usually do!

I posted this on my IG and I'm glad many of you are loving this look!

I tried doing my eyebrow slightly more arched than usual, since my usual eyebrow shape is straight.

Turns out not super arched still 'cause I had to follow my brow shape else it will look way too thick.

I had on partial eyelashes as well, just stuck on the outer corner of my eyes.

I don't usually put on falsies so I guess that's the thing that made the change haha.

If you like this look, I'll do up a makeup tutorial soon, BUT it's actually a lot easier than you thought, just need a lot of your time and patience.

I didn't use much eyeshadow. I used Shading Powder to contour my eye socket and the sides of my nose bridge.
Ending off with glitter eyeshadow on the centre of the eyelid + inner corners!

Conclusion is..... as much as I like this makeup, I won't be able to do it everyday 'cause I'm way too lazy to spend so much time on my makeup HAHA.

AND I don't want to be too reliant on thick makeup else I'll get even more inferior when I see my bare face.

It's sad.


And many of you have been asking, I'm using Freshkon Misty Grey contact lenses in these photos.
Not the most comfortable and takes a while to get used to but it looks a lot more natural in my eyes than those enhancing lenses.
Digging these natural coloured lenses haha.

I'm loving Freshlook's daily coloured lenses as well in Hazel and Grey. Looks pretty similar but just 13.8mm (super natural), and a lot more comfortable since it's daily disposable. (Also a lot more expensive though)

Okay that's all for this post!

Thanks for reading as always~